Segard's Troll Head Amulet

Because carrying around a troll head is a little macabre.


Segard’s Troll Head Amulet functions as an amulet of mighty fists +1, providing a +1 enhancement bonus to unarmed strikes and natural attacks.


One of Segard and Dragen’s early successes as adventurers brought their party into battle against a troll. Lacking enough fire to permanently slay the creature, the group improvised, and skewered it in a spear-filled pit and tied its limbs with a lot of rope to give the berserker enough leverage to tear off the creature’s head faster than it could regenerate. Segard kept the grisly trophy, waving it around the inn’s common room as he recounted the tale of the quest. Eventually, however, the effect of the disgusting prop turned from awe to revulsion and irritation, and the barbarian was convinced to (reluctantly) accept a smaller, less morbid substitute made of silver that he could wear on a necklace. As a reward for a later deed, the troll head amulet was enchanted to enhance unarmed fighting prowess.

Segard's Troll Head Amulet

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