Segard Whitemane

A young barbarian warrior from the Spine of the World.


Sex: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Barbarian 5
Archetype: Brutal Pugilist

Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Two-Weapon Fighting, Double Slice
Rage Powers: Brawler, Lesser Elemental Rage


Segard is from a warrior clan in the Frozenfar, the lands North of the Spine of the World mountains. After an internal power struggle in the clan and the outing of a cult of Auril, Segard was forced into exile. He does not talk much about that early part of his life. What happened after, however, he will often speak at length about. He braved the untamed north and survived through sheer strength and fortitude, perfecting an unarmed fighting technique when wooden clubs and spears failed him. He wrestled bears!

Eventually, Segard outgrew the wilderness and sought what challenges the civilized lands to the South might offer. He hired himself out as a mercenary in Neverwinter and later Baldur’s Gate, and had numerous adventures and met many interesting people. He even trained with the mighty and mysterious masked fighter “The Shark,” who helped him further develop his skill at the pugilist arts. Segard also met a young druid, Sandro, the dragon sorcerer Dragen, and the paladin Dame Robinson. While battling a cell of the Kraken Society in the sewers of Baldur’s Gate that culminated in a fight with a giant moray eel, the four became fast friends and stalwart allies, nearly inseparable ever since. The beast had enough skin to make several suits of leather and hide armor, which both Segard and Sandro now wear.

As people tend to expect of a barbarian warrior, Segard is capable of throwing himself into a berserker rage that augments his strength and stamina. Unlike most berserkers, Segard’s rage channels elemental forces, most often manifesting in a chilling of the air in the immediate area, but sometimes also coating his fists or weapons in spikes of rime that he uses to tear enemies apart. While a great boon to his companions in battle, this is also fairly unsettling for obvious reasons, as Segard has no magical ability otherwise.

Segard Whitemane

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